Starseed is proud to introduce Aurum vapes, our new cannabis concentrates for medicinal use. When it comes to ease of use, portability, and functionality, medical cannabis vapes are a new yet effective format for patients to receive their medicine. Our Aurum vapes are the finished product of many months of testing and perfecting to ensure we have brought our patients a safe and high quality vape to Starseed’s always expanding medical cannabis offering.


Continuing in our Starseed System format, Aurum vapes will be assigned a number between 1 and 4 based on THC and CBD levels, just like our flower and oil products you’re already familiar with. The lower numbers are CBD dominant and higher numbers are THC dominant, with balanced cannabinoid profiles in between. To start, we will be launching with the THC dominant AURUM4 but we will be expanding our vapes category to include AURUM2, a balanced concentrate, in the coming weeks.


Upon launch our AURUM4 product will come with the AURUM4 cartridge, the Aurum battery (vape body) and a USB charger. The cannabis concentrate found in the cartridges is extracted from the high-quality cannabis. When heated, it is converted into a vapor. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Aurum “Full Vape Kit” that you receive in your orders.


Vapes, or cannabis concentrates, allow you to experience the benefits of dried flower while minimizing the risks associated with combustion — meaning a reduced exposure to harmful combustion by-products, while retaining the flavour and aroma. Additionally, the cartridge and battery are universal 510 threaded; meaning that they are compatible with most other cartridges or batteries that are also 510 threaded.


Connect the 510 Threaded AURUM cartridge to the 510 threaded AURUM battery, turn on the battery by clicking the button 5 times quickly, then press and hold the button, and inhale from the mouthpiece that is attached to the cartridge. We recommend starting on the lowest heat setting, and as with all of our medical cannabis products, please “start low, and go slow” until familiar with the effects of the product, and always use the lowest dose required for symptom relief.

Please note, the THC dominant Aurum4 carts will state ‘Aurum’ on the cartridge – this will be the initial launch product. Future orders will state ‘Aurum4’. The 1:1 balanced cartridge, once released, will state ‘Aurum2’


When developing Aurum vapes, health, safety and quality were our top priorities. As such, the Starseed product development and innovation team as well as our Quality Assurance department have taken all necessary precautions to ensure product satisfaction. A total of 7 hardware tests and 8 input formulation tests were successfully completed during development of Aurum vapes. Vape features include the following:

  • Hardware has gone through rigorous testing. Certifications include: ISO, cGMP & RoHS
  • Click 5 times to turn the device on / off. Press and hold the button to initiate heating
  • To cycle through heat settings, please click the button 3 times. The LED light around the button will indicate the heat setting you have selected: white (low), blue (medium), red (high)
  • Battery (body) has 3 temperature settings: High heat = faster + more vapor, low heat = less vapor. Starseed recommends starting with lowest setting
  • Preheat function loosens/dislodges any clogs, enhancing the user experience
  • Distillate extracted and produced from high quality cannabis
  • 510 cartridges are industry-standard, universal vape hardware, meaning It can be used on most 510-compatible batteries
  • Cartridges are push and lock. They cannot be opened without breaking the cartridge.
  • Batteries are charged with the included USB charging cord
  • Battery has automatic shutoff after 10 seconds without use

Have questions about our Aurum Vapes?

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